More Bang Bath & Body

More Bang Bath and Body produce handcrafted bath bombs, artisan soaps and body products


Modern living has created technology that takes us away from the natural light cycles we are inherently connected to. Spending much of our time indoors under artificial light looking at computers, phones and other screens exposes us to excessive amounts of the blue light spectrum. Protecting your eyes from artificial blue light is an important part of health. Rama provide quality blue light glasses for o protect yourself from artificial blue light.

Homegrown Botanica

Homegrown, Organic, Herbal Remedies & Botanical Skincare

Rustic Beauty

Natural skincare and bath products and home fragrance

Colour Swirls

Colour Swirls creates luxury handcrafted soaps and bath products.

Soo's Garden Handmade Natural Skincare

I make natural skincare products using homegrown botanical herbs including aromatic herbal bags, essential oil candles and etc.

Rongoa Of The Forest

Am making Kawakawa healing balm, and other Kawakawa natural products. Handcrafted soy candles,soy melts and beauty products including clay masks.Crystals and crystal jewelry,beautiful dream catchers ,baby products,/clothes,succulent and air plants😊


Imbase is an acronym of Increased Mobility, Balance, Agility, Strength and Energy and has been created to help women, especially those over the age of 45, to regain their physical abilities they have either lost or are losing through the aging process. It is essential as we age to stay strong and maintain our vitality through strengthening exercises. This helps with the prevention of age related conditions such as osteoporosis and frailty by stimulating the growth of muscle and maintaining bone density. Another bonus is feeling physically strong promotes mental and emotional well-being. Imbase prescribes personalised exercise programmes design specifically for you. This is all carried out at a quiet, private location at Paraparaumu Beach.

Futurehealth NZ Ltd

Hemp Hearts and Hempseed Oil products including natural Hempseed oil skin care

Smoke and Spice

Original Smoked Seasoning. Marlborough sea salt is smoked by hand, and then tumble roasted with garlic, shallots, coriander and the mighty chilli! The result is one of the finest seasonings in the world. Suitable for both shakers and grinders, our sensational smoked seasoning will enhance all foods, elevating them to the heights of culinary nirvana. nb. Product may contain soybean and soybean products. Lemon Zinger Seasoning
Just like our Original Seasoning, finished with lemon, fennel and toasted sesame minus the chilli.

Smooch Natural Products

100% Natural skin care products, good for you and good for nature

Bath Treats Soaperie

Creators of fun and colourful handmade novelty soaps, bath bombs and other bath related products.

Salt n Co

100% Screenprinted cotton clothing for guys and gals

Jesaida Natural Health

Jesaida sells natural, safe and effective skin care, made by traditional herbal methods, for a variety of skin conditions, ailments and beauty. Jesaida products are backed up by Naturapathic and Herbal qualifications, knowlege and experience.

Four Jars Natural Skincare

Four Jars makes a wide range of herbal balms and oils for the whole family.

No. 8 Essentials

Locally made natural personal care products, with a focus on eco-friendly packaging including innovative compostable cardboard tubes.

The Lippy Farmers Wife

Handmade Soaps, Candles and Beard Oils featuring beautiful scents to make your home smell amazing.

KC Cr8tives

We sell an all natural body range of artisan soap, natural deodorants, shower bombs, healing balms and bath teas. We also make tiered cake stands and jewellery organisers from upcycled plates and crockery