Unloading & parking

December 2019 - Coming soon


Doors open for set up at 8.00am, with the market opening at 9.30 am.

The three unloading locations are marked by yellow arrows on the map. Please use the door closest to your site.

There will be a one-way system around the hall - marked by red arrows on the map - that will be open until 9.45am when it will be closed to allow customers to park.

It is VERY important that you unload your vehicle and then MOVE IT TO THE ALLOCATED PARKING AREAS IMMEDIATELY (info below).

Unauthorised vehicles may be towed at the owners cost.

Vendor Parking

There is no vendor parking directly onsite or at the railway station.

Once you have unloaded, you will need to park as far away as you can on Utauta Street, Pehi Kupa Street, Hira Street & Seddon Street as indicated by blue arrows on the map below.

Remember if customers can't park nearby they cannot attend the market!

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