Unloading & parking

November 2020

Doors open for set up at 7.30 am, with the market opening at 9.00 am.

The unloading locations are marked by yellow arrows on the map. Please use the door closest to your site. There is no parking or unloading at the rear of the venue unless you have a stall location in that area


It is VERY important that you unload your vehicle and then MOVE IT TO THE ALLOCATED PARKING AREA IMMEDIATELY.   Stallholder car parking area is shown on the map below.


We are very lucky to once again have the local Scouts helping out on the day. For a gold coin donation, they will be available if you require assistance unloading stock from your vehicles and can mind your products etc while you move your cars :)

All vehicles must be removed from the venue area by 8.30. Unauthorised vehicles may be towed at the owners cost.