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How do we select our vendors?

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

We often get asked how stallholders are approved to attend the Kapiti Indoor Market. This blog aims to cover the criteria we use as well as additional things that we look for to make the market and exciting and vibrant event for everyone who attends.

The Kapiti Indoor Market is based in Waikanae NZ and supports local businesses that provide quality handmade or home produced goods.

It is very important to us to provide a market that offers good quality handmade products in a laid back, fun and friendly environment. Working with and being supported by so many Kapiti local businesses helps us to maintain the community feel we love so much!

Due to the support of vendors both local and regionally we receive a large number of applications for each market. As we are an indoor market we are limited by the size of our indoor venue space, in summer we open up the outdoor areas so we can have even more exciting vendors however this is not possible in winter due to the unpredictability of New Zealand winters.

Attendance at the Kapiti Indoor Market is not by booking, but by application. All applications are reviewed to ensure the quality is of a high standard and that we have a wide range of products on offer to our customers. We also want to make sure our vendors to have a great day out so as well as looking for the quality product we are looking for diversity within our product categories.


We know our customers so have a good idea of what they want to see at our market. In addition to what products we feel will be a good fit for our customers we look at the following:

1. Products must be handmade, home produced or home grown

2. The product quality must be of a very high standard and be well made

3. Products must be made/produced/designed/grown by the person attending the market

4. Products have a point of difference

5. Our customers want to support local businesses so we want to offer an experience and products that cannot be found in shopping centers

6. Vendors must fit with our brand and values

7. Goods are to be produced locally. As much as possible we want to support our local community & region and because of this these applications will be reviewed first. Applications from out of town will also be accepted, if we consider the products to be amazing and not already provided by a local business


1. Product photos provided at time of application

2. Use of stall space and presentation of the stall space. We like to see our vendors use as much of the provided space as possible while making their stand look appealing and beautiful

3. We wander the market to get a feel of what the customers like, what they don’t like, and popular products.

4. We like our customers to feel welcome so stallholder presence and attitude is very important to us. We encourage all of our vendors to bring their biggest smiles and make everyone who visits their stall feel relaxed and comfortable.

5. How the vendor will promote their stall at the Kapiti Indoor Market – this is important to us as although you are attending our market you are still promoting your business and there is a need to help advertise the market.


Our advice is don’t give up!

If your application was not successful it will be because your products were not homemade/produced or we had and abundance of products that are the same or very similar this application round.

If you were not successful this time and your goods are handmade and at the quality we require we encourage you to apply again in the future.

We understand that regulars are an important element of a market (as are new vendors) the Kapiti Indoor Market also needs to evolve and grow to ensure we remain successful and the customers keep coming.

We also understand that we can't please everyone all the time, and that is fine. We aim to provide a fun, friendly, positive market experience for both our customers and vendors.

We are very excited for the upcoming market – see you all there!!

Rachel, Nicola & Stef

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