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When you have a market stall you need to decide if you should accept EFTPOS and/or credit card payments or if you want to be a cash only stall.

Our experience and opinion is that you should absolutely offer this as an option.

As the world is very much heading towards a cashless society by not offering these options you could lose significant sales if your customers don’t have enough cash and have to go away to find an ATM.

While it is not a requirement to have these facilities on your stall, this is a great time to point out that the lack of vendors with EFTPOS/ credit card facilities at the December market was the number one piece of feedback we received from our customers.

The Kapiti Indoor Market does not offer any EFTPOS or bank facilities it is up to you as stallholders to offer this service to your customers.

We know that accepting card payments can seem like a daunting process, we have been there, and you may not want to go through the process of hiring a machine from your bank for a weekend market due to the costs involved.

Good news however if you have a tablet or smart phone there are other options available to you so you can accept credit payments with no set up cost. It is quick and easy and saves you time sorting out change and making sure you have enough cash on hand.

We have listed some options below as a starting point. These are options we are aware of or use ourselves, there may well be more options out there.

As with anything money related it is again up to you to investigate all the pros and cons of each option and decide what is best for you and your business.


An online merchant gateway (or credit card payment gateway) is like a credit card machine but online. When used in conjunction with the apps mentioned below payments can be accepted via your phone also right at your market stall.

To set it up, you just provide a company like Stripe your business information, some identification and link it to your personal bank account. You then add a linked payment app like “PayNow for stripe” or “Charge for stripe” from your app store to your phone and you are good to go.

These apps for Android and iOS make it’s easy to accept payments directly on your mobile device. Enabling you to accept mobile credit card payments, they integrate seamlessly with Stripe to process payments, e-mail receipts, and send the funds to your bank account in no time.

There are no monthly fees, no bulky EFTPOS terminals or fiddly card readers! These app, we believe, provide the perfect mobile payment solution for market stall holders like you.

Like all methods of credit card payments, there are fees involved. Current STRIPE fees are 2.9% + NZ$0.30 per successful card charge. Using the “PayNow” app will also incur a fee of $0.5% per transaction.

This is the solution we use on our stalls and find it safe, reliable and quick to use. We build these costs into our product price to cover ourselves it is up to you if you do this also. The funds appear in your account within 7 working days.

To view more information on starting a Stripe account as your new payment solution view HERE More info on “PayNow for Stripe” can be seen HERE


These are portable solutions provided to you by your bank. These usually have monthly fees associated with them but will allow you to accept credit card and or debit cards.

Some solutions are stand alone and some require the use of your smart phone

Below you will find some more information on SOME solutions provided by banks in New Zealand. Refer to your own bank for what they can offer

Smart Phone Required


$38.50 Monthly Fee (open term contract)

Requires Till2Go app on smart phone or tablet

2.80% service fee on Visa and MC transactions


ANZ FastPay

$23.00 + gst per month

$99.00 + gst set up fee

No long term contracts

Requires ANZ app

2.6% on Visa and MC credit card and contactless

0.95% Visa and MC debit cards and contactless


BNZ PayClip

$30 per month (per device exc. Gst)

No set up fee

No long term contract

No Eftpos or Debit card charge

2.85% on credit card and contactless transactions



The other option is to investigate other options that are out there.

We know of a local Lower Hutt business Borrow my EFTPOS where you can loan out their eftpos machine for local markets check them out at https://www.facebook.com/borrowmyeftposnz/

Again all of the above are options we are aware of, we hope that you will look into eftpos and credit options so that we can all offer a greater range of services to our collective customers and therefore make the Kaptit Indoor Market an even greater success.

If we have missed off any alternative options you are aware of and use please comment below we would love to hear them!

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