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We often get asked why we organise a market for charity, there is no one answer to this question.

The Kapiti Indoor Market is a market that promotes local handmade, hand produced and home grown products. We feel incredibly lucky to be able to organise a market that supports local businesses, charities and the greater Kapiti community.

So here are 14 reasons we love organising the Kapiti Indoor Market:

1. We get to support local businesses. We love being able to showcase the amazing range of products and services the Kapiti community has to offer – and there sure is an amazing range out there!

2. In this day and age supporting local charities is a MUST. There are so many selfless people out there doing amazing things to support our local community in so many ways – we are so happy to be in a position to support them in raising funds so they can continue to help others. We are proud to support multiple charities with each market event.

3. The three of us who organise the market, Rachel, Nicola & Stef are great friends and get to hang out, spend time together and have a great time creating an event that we are very proud of.

4. WE LOVE MARKETS – any chance we get to attend a market we are there, so it was only natural we created our own! We know the pitfalls of being a vendor at outdoor markets so the Kapiti Indoor Market is, as the name suggests, indoor so everyone stays DRY!

5. We love meeting new talented people and seeing the creations that they come up with. It is very inspiring hearing the background stories of our vendors and seeing them make a living doing something they love from items they have created.

6. We love sustainability and try and promote this as much as we can through the market

7. WE LOVE TO SHOP of course! – So why not create a place where we can do all our homemade shopping in one location while still supporting local businesses (FYI our husbands do not see this as a valid reason for creating the market!)

8. While we are all previous stallholders ourselves, we now love getting our “creative on” by organising the market! We can't keep up with all of our own ideas.

9. It’s fun….most of the time ☺

10. We have an outlet for satisfying our organisation skills (this is a plus for some not all of us!)

11. We love watching our happy customers leave with bags full of purchases they are thrilled to have found.

12. We love partnering with local businesses and sponsors around Kapiti to grow an event that benefits the community.

13. The market has pushed us to participate in other fundraising events in the market off months – many of which are exercise related – which we are not keen on at all but it keeps us motivated!

14. We get a whole day away from our children on market day. If you are a parent you will understand this one and the importance of having time doing something for yourself! (Again not something our husbands think is a positive!)

Why do you love ATTENDING markets? we would love to know....

Rachel, Nicola & Stef

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