Kapiti Indoor Market is passionate about being as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. 

Many of the business attending the markets are by their very nature sustainable. Small business making products at home or in shared workshops often do so with less packaging and far less waste, squeezing every last centimetre or gram out of their raw materials.


Many of the business operate out of homes, so there’s no work miles there! A lot of our stallholders even re-purpose old materials or things into the new products they make.

The types of initiatives we encourage include:



The Kapiti Indoor Market aims to help locals thrive by providing an indoor event within their own community. Grow & support your community, buy local!

Now that main stream shops have gone plastic free - bring your re-usable bags to the market.  Stallholders are encouraged to ask customers if they want a bag, and then to only supply paper or re-usable bags.



Reusable coffee cups kindly donated by AD Architecture will be used by the stallholders at every market.



Kapiti Indoor Markets do not allow mass import businesses with their excessive packaging, and we aim to minimise & recycled waste.