Terms & Conditions

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Stall prices & size vary depending on size and location please see below options:

LARGE HALL Indoor  - Corner  - $100 (3m front x 2m deep)

LARGE HALL Indoor - Standard - $85 (3m front x 2m deep)

LARGE HALL Indoor - Small site - $70 (2.5m front x 1.5m deep)

SMALL HALL Indoor - Small site - $70 (2.5m front x 1.5m deep)

LARGE Outdoor - $60 (3m front x 3m deep)

FOOD TRUCK  -  $60 (No power supplied)


Please ensure that you include your invoice number & surname when making payment to avoid any delays.  Payment must be made by within 7 days of your confirmation email to ensure you retain your booking.  We will NOT CHASE YOU for payment and your spot at the market will be automatically cancelled.


The event and its attendees need reliability as gaps make the overall market appear messy. 

Should you not be able to attend we will endeavour to fill your place as long as you have advised us no later than 4 weeks  prior to the event. Should we be unable to find a replacement stallholder, or if you cancel within 4 weeks of the market, your site fee is non refundable. 

Please note that as this is an indoor venue, it is very unlikely that the event will be cancelled.  Refunds will therefore only be issued in cases of extreme disaster.


The venue will be open 1.5 hours before the event. No access can be given prior to this time due to permit conditions. Please arrive in good time to fully set up your stall prior to the event opening to the public.

Packing away before the event closing time is not possible due to site restrictions.  If you sell out, put up a ‘sold out’ sign that includes your business contact details and have a wander round the other stalls.  

ARRIVING LATE AND PACKING UP EARLY IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. If you do so this will affect future applications.

Gazebos are ONLY allowed for outside vendors, and by prior approval. 

Absolutely no naked flames allowed.   

Sharing of site space may be permitted with prior agreement by Kapiti Indoor Market.


There is no bank or EFTPOS facilities provided by the Kapiti Indoor Market.  You will need to provide your own facilities  to accept credit and debit cards. More information on available options can be HERE.


Stallholders must confine displays and signs to the stall site and keep pathways clear for shoppers. If your stall is located next to a fire exit, you must ensure that the exit is kept clear at all times. Stallholders must take all due care when driving onto, around and off the market site.


During set up, stall holders can only park to unload in the spaces marked on the map, to the side and rear of the hall.  All stallholder vehicles must be removed no later than half an hour prior to the event start time. Please see pre-event information email to find out where your vehicle can be moved to.


Please make sure you clean your own stall space, and if you have time give others a hand too. Please take your rubbish away with you as there will be limited bins available.


Sales begin at 9.00am and close at 3.00pm. The hall will be locked at 4.00pm due to another booking coming into the hall. If you think you may need more time to pack out, please let us know.

Due to the nature of our venues, packing up before the event finishes is not possible.  If you sell out of product, we ask you to remain until closing. 

No stallholder vehicles can be be moved onto the market site until after the close of the market.


We have a marketing plan in place for advertising the event, which will include: event listings, editorial coverage, signage, event calendar and social media campaigns across multiple platforms.

We are all in this together, the event will only be a success if it is well attended. It is therefore a requirement that you advertise the event and your part in it through as many channels as possible e.g. social media, mail outs or word of mouth.

You will need to provide us with information about your businesses, including websites, social media pages, email addresses and a brief description of what you do. We will also need your business logo/picture. This information will be used to list your business on our website, and we ask that check you are happy with your listing each market. This information will be used to promote your participation on our social media pages and other advertising.

If this information is not provided we are unable to promote you business.


We have created a stallholder group on Facebook (Kapiti Indoor Market - Stallholders), so please ensure you request access to this group.  Most updates and upcoming event information will be posted to this group, and it's a great place to share ideas and ask advice from your fellow stallholders.


Kapiti Indoor Market has been created to showcase only the best products from a select range of local business, artisans and crafters.  We want a wide variety of stalls and due to this we may limit the number of stalls within any given category e.g. footwear. 

We do not accept applications from vendors who sell the following products:
*  Counterfeit products - fake or copies of designer brand named goods
*  Weapons
*  Items associated with the use of illegal drugs
*  Live birds or animals 
*  Mass produced, low quality imported goods
*  Any other items that the market management may consider unsuitable for the market.


Kapiti Indoor Market is aiming to be a high quality event and we encourage you to present both your stall and yourself in such a way as to support this.

Stallholders are responsible for ensuring they comply with all applicable laws, statutes and regulation in respect of their products.  This includes any labeling that is required by law.

Where a stallholder sells food they must comply with the Food Safety and Hygiene Standards.  All stallholders must trade in accordance with the Food Hygiene Regulations 1974.  It is also the responsibility of the stallholder to ensure they have all the applicable licenses required for their business.  


The stallholder agrees that by applying for a site at our event, they will use the area at their own risk.

The stallholder shall keep Kapiti Indoor Market indemnified against all claims, actions, losses, and expenses of any nature, which Kapiti Indoor Market may suffer or incur or for which Kapiti Indoor Market may become liable in respect of or arising out of; 1. The neglect or careless use or misuse by the stallholder and persons under the control of the stallholder of the area or the property or other services to the area or the property 2. Any accident or damage to property or any person arising from any occurrence in or near the area wholly or in part by reason of any act or omission by the stallholder and persons under the control of the stall.